HYPNOSIS! is a new glamorous collection of HOIA homespa from super-striking products created for our second birthday! The collection is hypnotically glittering and makes every woman feel godly. HYPNOSIS! The collection includes 5 products that include carefully selected herbal oils ointments, essential oils and environmentally friendly glitter particles, all products except lip balm (including beeswax) are suitable for use and vegans! HYPNOSIS! The body bodybuilders in your collection will nourish your skin with the best of nature, making your skin soft and silky smooth. Sparkling body products contain herbal essential oils that offer tropical aromatherapy and skin-pleasing sperm therapy, and naturally leave the skin beautifully sparkling! Everyday is a DAY because every day we are given is a gift. CELEBRATE LIFE!
PS! Säraosakesed toodetes on plastikavabad ja mineraalset päritolu ning need ei reosta keskkonda.

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